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Do you read bell hooks? Because I find you intersectional.

Earlier this week, Twitterer Suey Park accidentally went viral by coining the hashtag #ActivistPickUpLines. Moving from feminism to anarchism, users' contributions were poignant, sexy and hilarious. What's yours?


  1. It's February 14. Valentines Day. Or as social justice activists like to call it, "a corporatist hegemonic fantasy imposed on us by various ideological state apparatuses to perpetuate false consciousness and install patriarchal, heteronormative consumerism." But does that mean we leftists can't get it on? Twitterer @suey_park challenged her allies and comrades to prove we could and invented the hashtag #ActivistPickUpLines and the revolution began:
  2. Clearly, most activists were, putting paid to the idea that feminists and communists were sober, humourless drudges:
  3. Some of the best lines both poked fun at the contemporary vernacular of activist communities while making some pretty awesome anti-oppression points at the same time:
  4. And some, it has to be said, could actually work to get us pinkshirts in the sack with how sexy they made consent:
  5. In the end it was hard to say who was sexier (or more hilarious): the social justice vanguard...
  6. ...the anarchists...
  7. ...the academics (ha!)...
  8. ...or the anti-oppression activists.
  9. So, today, let's practice some horizontal organization and show the invisible hand of the free market that lefties do it better. What's your #ActivistPickUpLine?