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On March 4, Islamophobes rallied across Canada. Here's who met them in the streets

What did we do? Stand up! Fight back!


  1. On March 4, there was a national counter demonstration movement to stand up against Islamophobia. This anti-Islamophobia initiative was in response to series of rallies organized by a coalition of racist groups, called the Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens (CCCC). The CCCC had announced rallies in over 60 cities. They were able to get groups like La Muete (the secretive racist Quebec group), Soldiers of Odin and PEGIDA members to organize with them according to this report.
  2. What do we do when people in our communities are under attack? We stand up and fight back! People came out in cities across Canada and many of them sent us photos. This post is a celebration of the fact that in many cities, there were far more anti-racists on the street than racists and we co-opted their day of rallies.
  3. However, this would not be an Activist Toolkit post if it didn't also help organize. This article from CBC sums up a bit about some of the groups which are coming out and organizing on the far right.
  4. Here are two tools which are helpful in assessing what happened in the cities overall and building for the future. First, the Anti-Racist Canada Collective put together reports from the ground with information about known racists who came out.
  5. Second, here is a list of the Facebook event pages of every march that the CCCC set up. The turnout in Quebec was high. Facebook events have lists and it may be wise for organizers to take down names. Counter-protesters may have been signing up on these pages as well, so please be cautious with the lists. I hope this sheet is useful, however.
  6. Thank you to those who helped me get pictures for this article. Below is what I could turn up from the press, followed by photos and tweets. If you have more pictures please send them to
  7. Alberta: Edmonton and Calgary had large counter-demonstrations. More than 200 people came out in Edmonton. The embedded article from the Calgary Herald does not mention crowd size, and the clash in the title refers to opposing views not violence.
  8. Many of our readers and friends sent pictures from the Edmonton and Calgary marches. They are in an album at the end of this post.
  9. British Columbia: I did not find any media coverage of rallies, but we know that Vancouver Antifa did go out and organize. According to the ARC report Surrey had three CCCC protesters and Victoria had one, who was scared off by the arrival of counter protesters.
  10. Manitoba: The only march planned in Manitoba was in Winnipeg. According to this CBC report, "a handful of people" came out for CCCC and were "drowned out by hundreds of others there to promote a message of love and inclusion."
  11. New Brunswick: There was no one in front of the Fredericton City Hall at noon. The chalk message reads "Racism Not Welcome Here".
  12. Nova Scotia: The CCCC didn't show up.