Press the button: The Voice becomes new favourite

BBC's The Voice has taken Saturday nights by storm over the past few weekends. And guess what, amidst the rest of the demeaning talent shows, this one's actually worth a watch.


  1. And why is it worth the watch?

    Well, there are four well known judges; The Script's Danny O'Donoghue, Jessie J, and the legendary Tom Jones. They each have a swivel chair and face away from the stage. When they hear a voice they like and wish to have on their team, the press their button and turn around. 
  2. The whole concept of the show is blind auditions. To judge a talent by their singing voice, not by their appearance. And it's a great concept at that.

    Whilst Simon Cowell constantly reminds those auditioning for Britain's Got Talent that they haven't got 'the look', The Voice concentrates on what is most needed in the music industry; natural, raw, musical and singing talent. Never mind the overt outfits, stage acts and meat dresses we're familiar with nowadays.

    So, a judge who likes what they hear will press their button and turn around. Simple. If more than one judge turns around, the talent on stage gets to choose who to coach them. Each judge has 10 contestants, of which they will train. Then of course, the talent are pitched against each other in a typical talent-show-style-war.

    It's uplifting to see individuals come on stage and be able to sing. To know they can sing. To actually take their voice and career aspirations seriously. You don't see a couple of girls, unable to sing, start arguing and then punch each other in the face, causing shock and ridicule across the nation. That's demeaning entertainment.

    The Voice, instead of making you want to shout "OMG WHAT AN IDIOT" at the television, makes you want to shout "PICK THEM! PICK THEM!"

    We as humans have an acute desire to see other people fail. It's a fundamental human instinct to want to feel better than others. We're jealous beings, whether we like it or admit it. Secretly we always wish that other people fail whilst we succeed. And that's what comes with talent shows such as Britain's Got Talent and X Factor.

    When Susan Boyle walked out on stage she was instantly judged by her appearance. And then she sang. And it turned it she was so very much better than those sat at home on their settees. 

    The moral of the story? Don't judge a book by its cover.

    The Voice, whilst it may be confined in its styles of judges and music - there has often been contestants who really can sing but are not chosen as the judges cant do anything with their 'style' - is somewhat a degree above the rest of the talent shows seen on television. 

    Of course, the fact that contestants are pressured to fit a particular style that the judges can work with can be criticised, and should probably be worked in. There is a vast array of genres besides the Indie/Pop The Script and Hip-Hop and Jessie J. I guess Tom Jones is an exception considering he's sang all kinds of music: rock, pop, R&B, country, soul. 

    Nonetheless, it's quickly become a new favourite.
  3. You can watch The Voice on BBC One, Saturdays at 7pm. Alternatively, get more information and backstage highlights here.