#Qchat: How to use video content in your marketing

Highlight's from Quuu's second Twitter chat.


  1. Quuu's very first Twitter chat back in December was a huge success, so we couldn't wait to host our next social media & content marketing party!

    This month, we decided to theme our #Qchat around one of 2017's biggest marketing trends: video content. We've spoken with lots of business owners and marketers (including ourselves!) who know that they should be experimenting with video, but agree that it's easier said than done.
  2. Time, resources, ideas and a little bit of camera-shyness; all of these can be barriers to jumping on the video marketing bandwagon. But with a little help from our friends, who knows what we can achieve?
  3. That's why we host our #Qchat - it's the perfect place to swap ideas, share any pain points and improve our skills. Together, we can master video content once and for all!
  4. Without further ado, here are our top takeways from the chat.
  5. Welcome to the #Qchat!

    Firstly, we got to know our fellow Qchatters and found out what everyone was hoping to gain from the experience.
  6. Why should we use video in our marketing?

  7. Then it was down to business! We all felt that, in this day and age, it was a no-brainer to use video content in our marketing. Popularity, efficiency and engagement were cited as the main reasons for using video.
  8. What's holding us back?

    However, most of us felt that we still had a long way to go when it came to nailing video content. A lack of video production/editing skills, time, money and idea generation were some of the biggest challenges people faced. And not all of us feel entirely at ease in front of a camera!