Tech@State - Serious Games Conference

A look at the mechanics of games, business and sustainability, design, education, international aspects, games for social change, etc.


  1. VENUE: 

    May 27-28, 2011

    805 21st Street, NW, Washington, DC 20052 
    Jack Morton Auditorium 
    Media and Public Affairs Building 
    George Washington University 

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  2. Speakers include:

    Michael Angst - E-Line Media 
    Asi Burak - Games for Change
    Richard Culatta - Innovative Learning
    Mallika Dutt - Breakthrough
    Nick Martin - TechChange
    Jenn McNamara - BreakAway Ltd.
    Jude Ower - playmob
    Dan Norton - Filament Games
    Ben Sawyer - Digital Mill

    Speaker Bios

    Additional talks:

    - A Force More Powerful's new version, 
    - Use of games to solve piracy off Somalia
    - NASA on games in government
    - World Bank's - Urgent Evoke

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    DAY 1 - May 27


    Mistress of Ceremonies, @JC Herz 

    @Farah Pandith 
    State Dept. Special Representative to Muslim Communities 

    Keynote from Commercial Gaming perspective 
    @Arjun Sethi, 

    Serious games frame 
    @Ben Sawyer, Digital Mill, Inc. 

    Panel on Lessons Learned 
    Steve York, A Force More Powerful/People Power 
    World Bank, @Evoke 
    @Asi Burak, Peacemaker 
    Heather Chaplin

  4. Panel on Future of Serious Games 

    @Mallika Dutt, 
    @Jude Ower, playmob 
    @Asi Burak, Half the Sky 
    @Nicole Lazzaro, @XEODesign

  5. Afternoon Breakouts

    Session A

    Note: Sound comes on at 00:02:09

    Social change games 

    @Shervin Pishevar

    @Jude Ower, playmob

    David Saunier, @Applications for Good, @One Economy

    @Derek Lomas, CMU, @Playpower

  6. Games, business and sustainability 

    Note: Sound comes on at 00:08:06

    @Saad Khan, CMEA Capital
    @Michael Angst, e-Line Media
    @Dan Norton, Filament
    @Ali Manouchehri, @MetroStar Systems

  7. Psychology and games 

    @Nicole Lazzaro, XEODesign
    @Jeff Lopez,
    Abby Taylor, @iCivics

    Academic perspectives 
    Lien Tran, Parsons
    @Garrison LeMasters, Georgetown
    Abe Stein, MIT

    Session B

    International considerations 
    @Erin Mote, @NetHope, USAID

    Skip Cole, @USIP
    Frank Biocca, M.I.N.D. Labs
    @Chris Hoadley, NYU,

     Games design 
    Josh Knowles, Frescher-Southern
    @Dan Norton, @Filament
    Naomi Clark, @Fresh Planet
    @Konstantin Mitgutsch, MIT

    Games in education 
    Nick Martin, @TechChange
    Rich Culatta,  Innovative Learning
    Abby Taylor, iCivics

    Mil/gov games 
    Garth Jensen, MMOWGLI, Somalia Piracy Game
    Jim Egenrieder, NASA
    Jeff Lopez,
    Jenn McNamara, breakaway
    @Ali Manouchehri, @MetroStar Systems

  8. Tech@State connects technologists to targeted goals of the U.S. diplomacy and development agenda via networking events that combine physical and virtual presence. 

    As part of Secretary Clinton's 21st Century Statecraft initiative, Tech@State connects established leaders, new innovators, government personnel, and others to work together on 21st century technology solutions to improve the education, health, and welfare of the world's population.

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