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Con or Candor?

On March 10, 2015, President Stephen Pettit publicly stated that Bob Jones University would ignore virtually every recommendation from the #GRACEReport, claiming "in candor" that there is "no evidence" of their "failure" to follow the law. Let's review what the comprehensive investigation said.


  1. Pettit's exact words were as follows:

    "In the spirit of candor, it should be noted that the reviewers to date have found no evidence that the University protected any perpetrators or failed to comply with its reporting obligations. I am relieved by these conclusions. They are important. But they do not make up for the fact that we did not serve our students as well as we should have."

    This claim that he deems so important is patently false, and the GRACE report proves it. Below are exact quotations that prove Pettit is knowingly lying.