2013 Year in Review: Whistle-Blower Edition

What happened on and around my little twitter feed, blog, the Facebook page I co-manage? Here's what got the most uptake or what, in hindsight, seems the most relevant.


  1. January 2013 begins G.R.A.C.E.'s comprehensive investigation of Bob Jones University's handling of sexual abuse. BJU loyalists claimed that it was just a infiltration of "hyper Calvinists." Softer loyalists either ignored it entirely or wishfully and inaccurately framed it as a "partnership." Some critics of BJU claimed credit for the investigation.

    Whatever it was, it is a big deal. The gauntlet has been thrown down, and we're all waiting to see how this will turn out. 
  2. A month later, BJU hires South Carolina GOP darling, Randy Page, as its new Public Relations director.
  3. On February 14, Bob Wood's still-sold 1983 video on counseling (bit.ly/1ah2iNU) is posted. DailyMotion takes down the first portion because it's too provocative. 
  4. And shortly after, a coded and fictionalized exposé:
  5. Famous BJU alum Stuart Epperson's Salem Communications buys BJU's radio station, WMUU.
  6. The GRACE investigation continues.
  7. In March 2013 BJU hosts Gold Rush Daze -- a fundy attempt at Carnivale. Chief Branding Officer Joseph Bartosch plans the week and ends with a student body production cuing the students to chant in unison "We love you, Doctor Stephen."

    Student pictures flood Instagram. This, of then-President Stephen Jones, is the most disturbing. Notice the duct taped co-eds.
  8. BJU's whistle-blowers discover that current administrator Joseph Bartosch has a criminal record for soliciting a prostitute. On March 22, 2013, Bartosch is fired. Bob Jones III accuses said whistle-blowers of "ruining lives."
  9. Steve Levicoff ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Levicoff ) gets my scribd account deleted because he doesn't like his scholarly writing to be remembered.