Future City 2015: PixelPyros by Seb Lee-Delisle

A unique 60ft wide digital firework display that puts the audience in the driver's seat came to MediaCityUK in March. With two high-tech projectors, laser beams and over 2 million pixels, a lot of work goes into making something this spectacular. See the team in action from start to finish!


  1. It's BAFTA-award winning artist, Seb Lee-Delisle's attention to detail that makes his artwork so effective.
  2. And when you combine his artistic sensibilities with the nuts and bolts of a technical team...
  3. ...and get a bit of wind in your sails...
  4. ...the sky is pretty much the limit!
  5. What better place for an innovative fusion of art and technology to call home for a weekend? The heart of MediaCity UK, Salford.
  6. PixelPyros at Future City 2015 featured the most pixels the show has ever had.
  7. Don't believe us? Take a look for yourselves!
  8. PixelPyros was a hit with big kids and little kids alike!
  9. There was also time for a bit of retro-gaming...anyone care for a round of SPACE INVADERS!
  10. There's no limit to the number of digital fireworks you can make - but all good things must come to an end, and it's time to hit the road again.
  11. Where might PixelPyros end up? Keep your eyes peeled - it could be somewhere near you!