What should Newton know?

The Institute for Quantum Information and Matter at Caltech set the third Quantum Shorts mini-contest of the year, asking you to compose a tweet about quantum physics to send back in time to Sir Isaac Newton. Here's ten of our favourites, including the winner.


  1. First let's warn him about the weirdness to come...
  2. Now, how much can we explain in one tweet?
  3. Perhaps it would help if we relate the physics to something familiar to Sir Isaac, like, say, the falling apple that supposedly inspired his ideas about gravity...
  4. And that brings us the winning tweet, telling Newton about entanglement, one of the most remarkable discoveries of quantum physics.
  5. Congratulations Hassan! Your prize is a one-year digital subscription to Scientific American magazine.
  6. Thanks to everyone who entered this mini-contest. Follow the hashtah #quantumshorts for more news. Our main contest for quantum-inspired flash fiction is accepting entries until 1 December at shorts.quantumlah.org