Quantum Shorts: A Twist in Life

With the 1 February deadline to enter our short film competition almost here, we've concluded our final Quantum Shorts mini-competition. This time we asked for endings to the sentence "You know there's a quantum twist in your life when..." Here are some of our favourites - and the winner.


  1. We'll start with an oldie but goody: the quantum truth spoken by baseball great Yogi Berra, channelled by @DancinPhysicist.
  2. And if "spooky action at a distance" - as Einstein described entanglement - is going to act on human scale, this is surely how it will work...
  3. Some of you imagined what life could be like if you had the properties of a quantum particle (think parity and phase):
  4. Others saw the potential for a haunting, given the existence of virtual particles. If it wasn't Alice, it would be Bob.
  5. We applaud the cleverness of this entry, which name-checks all the quarks.
  6. With all these great responses, we had a hard time choosing a favourite. But we could only pick one winner and - for giving us a new take on Schrodinger's feline thought experiment - it's this:
  7. Congratulations to @TimBarzyk!
  8. Find out more about the Quantum Shorts film competition - accepting entries until 23:59 on Sunday 1 February - at shorts.quantumlah.org.