Quantum Thriller Titles

A mini-contest for #quantumshorts 2015. Learn more at http://shorts.quantumlah.org

  1. Thanks for all the great entries to our first mini-contest of the season! We asked for quantum-themed thriller titles, and we got an amazing 80 entries. This storify collects some of our favourites.
  2. Here come the thrills...
  3. These titles made our shortlist.
  4. But we only have one prize, and that goes to the chilling, thrilling...
  5. Congratulations to Nikola Couling who wins a one-year digital subscription to Scientific American!
  6. Don't forget that our main contest - for quantum-inspired stories up to 1000 words long - is accepting entries at shorts.quantumlah.org until 1 December 2015. Do any of these titles inspire a story in you?
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