Quantum Movie Twists

Our Quantum Shorts 2014 competition calls for short films inspired by quantum physics. For a warm up, we ran a mini-comp with this challenge: twist the title of a movie to give it a quantum feel. Thanks to everyone who entered. Here's our top ten, in no particular order until you get to the winner!


  1. The #quantumshorts minicompetition ran on Twitter
  2. We liked this movie twist from @Zeus9911 - there's nothing more central to quantum physics than superposition:
  3. Some of you mashed up old movies (The Sure Thing) with classic quantum (Shor's algorithm)
  4. ...others mixed up Hollywood's new releases (The Grand Budapest Hotel) and science's open questions (is there a Grand Unified Theory?):
  5. We had a few variants on the Jason Bourne films...
  6. ...but this innovative take on a Guy Ritchie classic took us by surprise (gold star if you already knew that LOQC stands for Linear Optical Quantum Computing):
  7. And many of quantum pioneer Niels Bohr's contemporaries might have felt this way after a gruelling discussion of quantum philosophy!
  8. This gets full marks for going all Arthouse (The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie) with particle physics (charm quark)
  9. Here's one that's neat but elegant:
  10. This one's audacious! Who doesn't love bra-ket notation?
  11. But here is our winner! Congratulations to @DancinPhysicist on a brilliantly simple entry. We can think of a few experimental physicists who would like to have this as a job title :)
  12. Thanks again to all entrants - we had great fun reading your film titles. Don't forget the main #quantumshorts competition, though. Details are at shorts2014.quantumlah.org/ and the closing date for entries is 1 February 2015. Good luck!