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Quantum's DXi6701 and DXi6702 Debut

The DXi6701 and 6702 products are the latest in Quantum innovation. With flexibility and performance as standard - there is no need to compromise on your backups. Find out more information below:


  1. Introducing the DXi6701 and DXi6702

    Commentary by: Scott Hamilton, Senior Director, DXi Product Group 

    With industry leading perfomance, bundled licensing and multi-access protocols with each unit - these innovative new products offer a simple, cost effective solution to overcome backup barriers.

  2. Steve Whitner, DXi Product Marketing Manager, gives more details in this YouTube Video:

  3. Scott Hamilton, Senior Director of the DXi Product Group, outlines the DXi6701 and DXi6702 in this enlightening PodCast:
  4. The Register discusses the "crushing" power of the new DXi6701 and DXi6702. Did you catch that? Crushing!?!

  5. Steve Whitner, DXi Product Marketing Manager, blogs about how the new DXi6701 and DXi6702 meets customer needs:
  6. The majesty of the DXi6700-series. It comes in all black and stealthy. More importantly, it improves your backup with speed, scalability and performance. 

  7. For more information on this attractive and extremely helpful backup product, please visit: