Qualcomm: The 1000x Challenge


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  2. Mobile data traffic is exploding. Globally, the traffic has been doubling each year during the last few years. However, now the industry is preparing for an astounding 1000x increase. Qualcomm is leading the charge through its compelling technologies and path breaking innovations in preparing the industry to meet this “1000x challenge.”
  3. CTIA - Riding out 'data tsunami'

  4. Up to 18% more bandwidth for mobile broadband users with spectrum sharing

  5. Qualcomm Proposes a Cell-Phone Network by the People, for the People

  6. Qualcomm: Your in-home small cell may be opened to the public

  7. Thanks for joining our webinar:  WiFi Evolution and its Role in the Future of Wireless

  8. With millions of hotspots deployed around the world, and ever growing integration of Wi-Fi into wireless devices, Wi-Fi is rapidly becoming ubiquitous. Tune-in to this webinar to learn more about Wi-Fi evolution, its critical role in addressing the looming 1000x data challenge, enabling smart connected homes, and exciting new frontiers it is poised to explore.
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  9. Hear our CTO Matt Grob talk on "Technology Transitions" panel hosted by FCC

  10. Check it out on March 18, 2013 fcc.gov/live 
  11. 2:30 – 4:00 pm Panel 3: Network Evolution
    This panel will examine the timing of the technological transition for different wireline and wireless networks as well as examine drivers for the timing of the technology transition.
    Rebekah Goodheart, Deputy Director, FCC Technology Transitions Policy Task Force and Associate Chief, WCB
    Thomas Maguire, SVP, National Operations Support, Verizon 
    Michael P. Golob, SVP, Engineering and Technology, Frontier Communications Corp.
    Matt Grob, EVP and CTO, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
    Randolph C. Nicklas, CTO, XO Communications
    John Civiletto, VP, Strategic Architecture, Cox Communications
  12. Watch us on FCC's 3.5GHz Workshop "Innovative Approaches to Dynamic Spectrum Sharing" on March 13th @ 1:00PM

  13. WCDMA+