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Russia Food

our group spent 7 days in Moscow and tried so many different kinds of russian food, it is the way much better than we thought before we have been here.


  1. Russia is mainly a north country, most of the food people would like to eat gonna keep them warm, or give them energy, since we arrived here during summer, we tried so many different kinds of food. As people known, potato is one of the most favorite food in russia, mostly, russian like to mix potato and beef and cook it together, be honestly, it is really delicious, and especially the potato soup.  compare with American food, russian food is not that sweet and usually much sodium. Moreover, russian dessert is pretty same as American dessert, the difference i could find is the size of the dessert are much smaller, and the choices are much more than American, the cheese cake in the faculty cafeteria is amazing. In addition, there are so many American food chain stores in Moscow, such as Macdonald, pizza sbarro, pizza hut, and so on so forth. The test of those food might be a little different, but mostly are pretty same, so it is much easier for Americans who do not like russian food to eat here. what is more, the price of the food here are reasonable, for example, a full meal in the faculty cafeteria just cost 200 rubles, otherwise the food might be more expensive in some nice places. 

    In a briefly speaking, the food in moscow russian have so many choices, no matter where you come from, you can find good food here. 

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