Fuck you you creepy fucks

"Courtney's so meeeeean" "Courtney's message is good but she's so aaaaaangry about how she says it" "Courtney you're toooooooo aggressive" "Waaaaah" "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah"


  1. A couple days ago some folks were doing some twitter meme thing, one of the outcomes of which was this tweet from Leigh Alexander:
  2. Some dude I don't know tweeted at everyone on that list to complain to Leigh in front of us that she doesn't follow him. If you do gross shit, like repeatedly try to passive-aggressively manipulate a woman you tweet at a lot into following you back, right in front of me, I will call that out.
  3. When I tell you you're being creepy, disbelief isn't something that lets me know you understand why you got called out. FYI.
  4. For the record, if you think shaking someone's hand multiple times and/or getting them to donate to your project entitles you to trying to guilt them into following you on social media, you're wrong. People are allowed to draw and maintain boundaries around who they interact with. Not respecting that, and insisting you're "kidding" when you keep pushing is...well, creepy.
  5. Who is surprised that the people coming out of the woodwork to defend a guy whose behavior I labeled creepy are themselves incapable of respecting the most basic, clear boundaries imaginable? Nobody? Good.