Alex Anninos: A look at a Real Estate Professional

Alex Anninos is a successful real estate professional


  1. Alex Anninos is a respected and successful real estate professional with a stellar reputation in his community. Anninos has a loyal customer base that is familiar with his great history of work and success in helping people find and sell homes. One of the hallmark traits of his practice is his unending focus on customer needs. Aninos is part of the Mavroules team, a dedicated group of professionals that value their customer’s needs in buying a home. As many can attest, buying a home or selling a home can be a challenge and it can be riddled with a long confusing process as well. Anninos is highly experienced, and strives to make these experiences as smooth and painless as possible for his clients. Based in the thriving community of Danvers, Massachusetts, Anninos and his team are known beyond the area and have worked together to ensure that every client has constant access to honest, dedicated and genuine real estate expertise every step of the way.

    Alex Anninos
    has been recognized for his outstanding work and has gathered a number of awards for his professional endeavors. In 2008, he was named the Top New REMAX Agent in the Medford, MA area. In 2009, he earned the REMAX Agent of the Year of Medford, MA Award. Probably his biggest award is the reputation he has gained and the referrals he gets from his great experiences. Anninos has been a member of the National Association of Realtors and the Massachusetts Association of Realtors since 2007. He was also a part of the RE/MAX Platinum Club in 2013.

    Alex Anninos and his entire team recently joined LAER Realty Partners. In this powerful relationship, LAER is one of the largest real estate firms in all of New England. Anninos, LAER and the Mavroules team have formed a customer-friendly alliance that empowers the customer with experience, knowledge, and service. Selling and buying homes are more than merely transactions, they are gateways to enhanced experiences and long-term relationships. Alex Anninos achieves these relationships through great customer focus that makes all the difference in the world. Alex Anninos is a dedicated and driven real estate professional that applies his exceeding work ethics, experience and high communication skills to get the job done.