Data Talk at Ontario Nonprofit Network's Annual Conference

A recap of the discussions about data at #npdriven16. October 20th, Toronto, Ontario.

  1. We love attending ONN's yearly conference to discuss important topics, strategies and tactics in the nonprofit sector. It's also a chance for us to evaluate how the sector is progressing with its use of data. Here's our recap of the discussions about data at the conference:
  2. After lunch, our Director, Michael Lenczner, participated in a breakout session about the use of government adminstrative data in evaluation. :
  3. Here are some of the comments about that session:
  4. Over 50 people attended the session and it was clear this was a new topic for almost everyone. It's great to be kickstarting this conversation in Ontario and hopefully we'll see some progress on this type of innovative evaluation soon.
  5. For more information, here are some of the resources from our session:
  6. Our biggest takeaway from the conference is that the data infrastructure we want to build is more crucial than ever. The sector is facing many challenges and it's clear that data will be a key part of solving those challenges and driving the sector forward for years.
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