Why we do need privacy

Please follow me on my private view on OPENNESS and listen and read opinions from one extreme view to another view. Take the tour...


  1. WOW
    Radical Openness seems to be the new GREEN of today. A young euphoric man seems to be blown away by the theoretical potential of open access to all data worldwide and he is not thinking about the world as it is today but is assuming that we live in a  worldwide ethical paradise.
  2. 'RADICAL OPENNESS' by Jason Silva
  3. Don Tapscott one of the worldwide well known evangelists of CHANGE sees Openness as a determined goal of cultural development in societies. He discusses four principles that will speed up the way to openness in society 1. Digital Revolution, 2. Transparency, 3. a Culture of Sharing and at least 4. Empowerment of the people.
    Let's see...
  4. Don Tapscott: Four principles for the open world
  5. Gary Kovacs from MOZILLA shows us the reality of openness from a surveillance perspective as he makes transparent how and to what extent users are being traced by many others while they are using the Internet without any knowledge i.e. without transparency to them. Mozilla developed collusion to make your surveillance visible to you. See the TED talk of Gary...
  6. Gary Kovacs: Tracking the trackers: TED Talk
  7. Heres another short interview about Collusion and your trackers....
  8. Who's tracking you online? Find out with Mozilla's Collusion
  9. So it seems that openness does not protect your human rights and your assets automatically.Today your personal data is defined as your asset, your property which has to be protected. The working group of experts at the World Economic Forum talks about the rise of a New Asset Class
  10. As the mobile penetration reaches up to 90 % worldwide (accourding to Mary Meeker) it's likely interesting to know what kind of data your mobile carrier will have and will store about you and your behaviour ...
  11. Now you know what kind of data is availabe at your operator or cloud provider let's look at their practice to act on your data. Do they make it available to governments and regulator? Are they selling this information (your assets) to others who are willing to pay. 
    YES and YES!
    Who informs you if access is granted to your data or if your data is leaked?
    Only a few.
    See Chris Soghoian at TEDx SanJose ....
  12. Why Google won't protect you from big brother: Christopher Soghoian at TEDxSanJoseCA 2012
  13. The World Economic Forum has disconvered Personal Data and presents and interesting site I like to invite you to. See and read certain aspects of the recent discussion of Personal Data from trust to protection to unlock mechanisms.
  14. What happens to ordinary people if they want to access their personal assets (their personal data)?
    Malte Spitz asked his mobile carrier (in this case Deutsche Telekom) to send a copy of data about his phone behaviour.
    Listen to his adventurous tour till he succeeded at last. Marvel about the information that was destilled out of Maltes data.
    Btw: Malte is a member of German Parliament representing the Green Party. This was not a door-opener.
    But imagine what a mean man/woman has to face if he/she wants to take the same journey.
  15. Malte Spitz: Your phone company is watching
  16. When the diggers want to digg:
    What has to be regulated and how is the claim to be fenced?
    This paper talks about the areas that have to be clarified:
    - Protection and Security
    - Accountability and Enforcement
    - Rights and Responisbilities for using data
  17. Want to get an impression of your FACEBOOK data?
    Ask Wolfram Alpha and see what the analysis of your isolated data brings up to knowledge. Investigate if your friends are socially isolated or if they are social catalysts and much more.