How to Train Your Puppy

I have just got a puppy and so I have written an article and collected together some videos and photos to help other new puppy owners! It is easier than you think.


  1. How to Train a Puppy

    Training a puppy is important to the development of your pet. It can help to lay the groundwork for an animal that always remains loyal, docile, and sweet their whole lives. It can also make it much simpler to keep your new puppy in your house without having to worry about safety issues or property damage. You may be able to train your puppy to stop biting, snapping, growling, jumping, having accidents in your house, or just train them to better follow your orders and get on a daily schedule.

    When to Start Training

    When wondering how to train a puppy, many people wonder when they should start training their puppies. Despite the fact that it may seem like a very young age, you should start when your puppies are about 7 weeks old. At that point, believe it or not, they are more than ready and willing to learn. Giving your puppies rules and structure is important, especially at an early age. Starting early means that they will learn more quickly. Training by humans does, in some ways, mimic the training they would receive from their mothers, anyhow, in the natural world.

    How to Train

    Training should be persistent. Be sure to do the same things, every day, at the same time with your puppy. Reinforce good behavior with praise and reward. Bad behavior should be disciplined. Try to keep your training entertaining for both you and puppy, and keep it fairly short when intensely training them. Be sure to always encourage behavior that you would like to see in your dog later in life, and do not allow them to continue doing things that would not be acceptable for a grown dog to do, no matter how cute some of these things may seem to you.

    Professional Training

    If you are having a difficult time training your dog, or have no idea where to start, you may want to contact a professional trainer. Trainers have experience with dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. They also probably have experience in helping other puppies and owners to correct whatever issue you are currently facing in your training. Feel free to call a professional or take your puppy to one when you are stuck. Although professional training may be more expensive than doing it on your own, it can really pay off in the long run.

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