A time to talk. A time to do.

While many are coming round to the view that a wider consultation is necessary to fend off a terrible government bill, Anna Hazare is in no mood to allow the government to waste any more time.


  1. Summing up the unfortunate mishandling by the government over the past week.

  2. The first appearance of well known and well respected RTI activist Aruna Roy, Member - MSSK, Member - NCPRI, Member - National Advisory Council, on The News Hour.
  3. (Mr. Jethmalani is making a reference here to a letter sent to Anna Hazare today by the Prime Minister offering to request the Speaker of the Lok Sabha to send the Janlokpal draft to the Standing Committee unmindful of the fact that Mr. Pravin Singh, MP - Bareilly (Congress) already did this on August 18 and Mr. Abhishek Singhvi, Chairman Standing Committee has already said that he already has a copy of the draft.)
  4. (Ms. Roy is explaining why the NCPRI did not make inputs before Anna Hazare embarked on a second fast.)
  5. (This will be a matter of concern if Ms. Roy is unable to answer these important questions if and when put to her a second time in the near future.)