Walker survives recall

Walker foes launched a gubernatorial recall effort after the Republican governor diminished collective bargaining in the Badger State.


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  3. Eliot Seide, director of AFSCME Minnesota Council 5, issued the following statement on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker surviving a recall vote in a battle over collective bargaining and budget cutting:


    "Today's recall election was another step in a long march to restore worker freedom in Wisconsin.  We're disappointed in the results of the governor's race, but it doesn't erase the incredible journey so many citizens made from standing in the snow and sleeping under the dome to forcing their governor to answer for dividing their state.

    Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Pat Shortridge and Deputy Chairwoman Kelly Fenton issued the following statement regarding Governor Scott Walker's recall election victory tonight.

    "Governor Walker proved that a conservative reform agenda is not just good policy, but good politics. Tonight's results show that swing states like Wisconsin and Minnesota will be in play this November as voters look for something very different than continued massive spending, high taxes, and government overreach Democrats are offering in Washington and St. Paul."

  4. Votes followed the money 
  5. Questions arise while votes are cast
  6. Strong turnout around the state.