#ScienceNight Minnesota: Mission to Mars

Space geeks of Minnesota unite! John Grotzinger, the head of NASA’s Mars Curiosity mission, is visiting Saint Paul to share the latest research and a behind-the-scenes look at the Red Planet’s robot rover. He'll be joined by BoingBoing science editor Maggie Koerth-Baker and MPR News host Tom Weber.


  1. #ScienceNight Minnesota: Mission to Mars starts in *exactly* two hours, at 7 p.m. on the stage of the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, Minn.
  2. What you can expect tonight: Science Night host Tom Weber - of MPR’s The Daily Circuit - will be joined by John Grotzinger (chief scientist for NASA's Mars Science Laboratory), Maggie Koerth-Baker (science editor at BoingBoing) and Abigail “Astronaut Abby” Harrison (a high school student who dreams to be the first astronaut on Mars).

    Not excited yet? Just think: The evening will be filled with space suits, music from the Curiosity playlist, questions, answers and fun-filled surprises!

  3. IT BEGINS! Welcome to #ScienceNight Minnesota: Mission to Mars!
  4. First up: Jeff Jones, engagement editor of the Public Insight Network.
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  6. MPR News' Tom Weber welcomes NASA's John Grotzinger to the stage. 
  7. Want to watch the rover touch down? Here's the link to the video!