GLAAD Media Awards 2015

Tweets and stuff from the 2015 GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles


  1. Author and activist Jenny Boylan posted on Facebook a while back that she still had tickets available for the GLAAD Media Awards. I made a comment, and she sent me a message inviting me. I was touched by her reaching out, and decided to take her up on it. It was a fantastic event! Not only did I get to meet Jenny, but I met and hung out with a bunch of other wonderful people in the industry and transgender community. (Where else but LA can you do that kind of thing, right?) I was overjoyed to see my old friends from Kansas City were there too!
  2. I was very happy to run into Elaine and Faith Soloway as soon as I entered! I'm looking forward to lunch one day with Elaine when I'm out in Long Beach again.