Make Better Radio for #pubradio Youth and Educators

Former Director of Generation PRX Jones Franzel hosted a web event for youth producers and their educators about ways to create a culture of feedback to support youth producers and make better radio. Ben Trefny of KALW joined us as well as Michael May of SALT. Here's what they had to say...


  1. First up, Ben Trefny of KALW who was super excited to share all the cool ways KALW engages and teaches youth producers.
  2. Teenagers know about their lives a lot better than we do! They can tell us the truth about what it's really like.
  3. KALW's secret to success. The cycle of listening and feedback...
  4. KALW creates a FUN space for their trainees, trainers and employees to have fun and make great radio. They have a softball team and they throw dance parties at their station.
  5. Behold...said dance party!