Enhancing the Effectiveness of Press Releases with Multimedia Assets

Ever since newspapers first became available, business owners and operators have looked for ways to leverage them.


  1. Ever since newspapers first became available, business owners and operators have looked for ways to leverage them. In some cases, that meant paying for favorable coverage, taking advantage of less scrupulous writers and editors to expand a company's reach and potential audience. In others, though, tactics of a more widely accepted sort have played just as important and effective of a role.

    What that typically means is coming up with and offering a story idea whose realization will inherently attract favorable notice to a company. The simplest and most direct way of doing this is through a press release, a document designed to entice writers and give them some inspiration in their work.

    A good press release can be an extremely valuable thing to a company that commissions it. Some media outlets will simply publish such releases unmodified, meaning that it often makes sense to aim at an audience wider than the journalists who will first see them. More commonly, though, journalists will take a release and build upon it, using the facts and quotes contained within to craft their own unique creations.

    It is possible to make their work even easier, too, a fact that can result in even more successful releases. With so much reading of journalism today occurring online, journalists are increasingly aware of how adding multimedia elements to their stories can make them even more attractive and engaging. A pr rich media release that provides additional resources of this kind can therefore be even more valuable to members of the press.

    Creating a pr rich media release also frequently turns out not to be much harder than writing a traditional one. In many cases, a simple bit of smartphone video capturing or picture-taking can produce some new assets that will support the basic story in effective ways. Even a bit of digital audio can be useful to journalists who are looking to add some multimedia pizazz to their stories, something that can often be acquired in seconds or less.

    Not every pr media release will necessarily be suited to embellishment of these kinds. In cases where they are, though, releases can become much more effective and interesting to the journalists who run across them, since they offer so much more in the way of basic value. As the pr ultimate goal is always to ensure that a given story or news item finds as wide of an audience as possible, it almost always makes sense today to look into opportunities of these kinds.