September 2014 #PREthics Twitter Chat

This is a recap of our September 2014 #PREthics Twitter chat. We discussed ethics issues in the workplace and how to deal with unethical situations.


  1. Q1: How can you tell, going into a new job, if your employer and/or co-workers practice ethical public relations? 
  2. Q2: As a new pro, how would you approach a colleague or even a supervisor, who is exhibiting questionable ethical behavior?
  3. Q3: How can an ethical dilemma, such as lack of transparency, impact your career?
  4. Q4: A client asks you to post positive comments/reviews about his business using your personal account. If you disclose, is it ok?
  5. Q5: Let’s talk about images and photos. You create a client Facebook post with a free image you find online. Must you give credit?