1. Casey in Texas

    When my brother moved out here to Austin from California (and left the constituency of Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, to join the constituency of John Cornyn and Ted Cruz), he had to change his health insurance plan. My brother has Crohn's Disease, an lifelong, incurable auto-immune disorder which will cause him to need surgery many times during his life. During the change, his new health insurance company took advantage of a paperwork anomaly (not caused by him) to make the case that his Crohn's was a pre-existing condition. Only the passage of the ACA saved him. My brother did everything right - he maintained his coverage consistently and worked with his health insurance company. He was a model customer, and still - they would have removed him, and left him to bankruptcy and death, if it hadn't been for the ACA.

    I can't go back to that world. I won't. We need Medicare for all, and we need it NOW.
  2. Nick in Texas

    I have chronic Lyme disease. I depend on the aca for the prescriptions that make me well enough to work at a daycare. Without my medicine I have severe chronic pain and can not work. All I want is a chance to contribute to society, but without the aca my prescriptions would cost $2000 a month. I currently earn $3000 a month caring for other people's kids so they can work. Please don't make my prescriptions so expensive that I can't afford them. Living with a chronic illness is a hard road. Don't make it harder by stripping the protections the aca provides people like me.
  3. Jessica in Texas

    I work as a medical transcriptionist, and I'm an independent contractor, which is typical for people in this field. That means I don't get any employee benefits even though I work full time. I have to buy my own health insurance. I currently do that through the ACA. If it gets repealed and replaced with any version of the BCRA, my premiums will skyrocket. Realistically, I won't be able to afford health insurance even though I work full time. I am a middle aged woman, and I will have to move back in with my parents in order to be able to afford basic health care.

    I beg my senators to oppose the BCRA and/or the so-called "skinny repeal" that is being discussed. Please, I beg you to work with your Democratic colleagues to fix the ACA.
  4. Katie in Texas

    The BCRA dramatically & negativity impacts our family. I have a disabled 5-year-old niece, Olivia, who depends on the ACA’s ban on yearly and lifetime benefits caps as well as Medicaid for secondary insurance to cover costs of care that her parents’ employer healthcare insurance does not cover.

    Olivia has a progressive neuromuscular disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) that has no cure and is terminal. SMA affects the part of the nervous system that controls voluntary muscle movement including the legs, arms, lungs and GI tract.

    If the BCRA is passed into law, the combination of Texas waiving the ban on yearly and lifetime caps on benefits and the cutting of Essential Health Benefits (EHBs) coupled with Texas’ $1.5 billion cut to their Medicaid program will result in Olivia losing access to the only drug that has been approved by the FDA to halt the progression of her disease.

    Spinraza, which was one of the test cases for the 21st Century Cures Act, is a game changer to the SMA community. However, because the drug can cost up to $750,000 a year, if a state is able to waive the EHBs & the ban on benefit caps, patients who have been on Spinraza will lose access to the drug and face a dramatic regression in their newly developed physical abilities and the rates of mortality will rise again.

    Spinraza has enabled Olivia go from a baby who never achieve her physical milestones, including controlling her bowels and breathing unassisted, to being able to walk over 150 steps at a time with the assistance of a walker.

    Before Spinraza, she was riddled with panic attacks because she knew she was different and was frustrated seeing her twin sister achieving physical milestones she could not achieve. But after two years on Spinraza, Olivia has turned into a confident pre-kindergartner who loves her independence and being able to participate in the same physical activities (with adaptations) as her twin sister.

    Please do not take away Olivia’s independence.

    Please hold hearings so you can truly understand the impact of this proposed bill and the millions of disabled people it would harm.
  5. Tyger in Texas

    I am a 60 year old divorced female. I'm in good health and take care of myself by eating right and getting regular exercise. Until Obamacare, I was not able to afford health insurance and could not afford annual checkups and health screenings. If Obamacare is repealed, I will again not be able to afford health insurance. I'm getting older and need to stay on top of my possibly arising health issues. I'm afraid to get screened now, because I don't want to be diagnosed with a possible pre-existing condition, which would cause me to lose my current, affordable health insurance. I'm afraid of a repeal because I would not be able to pay for my monthly premiums or my checkups. I have 5 years to go before I can get medicare. Much can happen in 5 years...
  6. RoseAnne in Texas

    My son works as a contractor and is responsible for his healthcare. He would not be able to afford care if he loses his ACA policy. The medication he relies on would beyond his reach. I don't know what he would do.
  7. Kyla in Texas

    Pre-ACA, my middle daughter was "uninsurable" in the traditional market. We found this out after her health plan chose to close down (because they were not making large enough profits) and we had to apply for new insurance. My husband ended up having to take a pay cut so she could get the care she needs. Now she is on a Medicaid waiver program that is being threatened by the GOP plans for healthcare. Without Medicaid, she cannot access the care that allows her to survive and thrive. She has a progressive, incurable disease and requires many medical interventions (tube feedings, oxygen, medications, testing, specialists visits, etc). Cuts or caps to Medicaid is absolutely a life and death issue for her.

    My youngest daughter was born in 2015 with a large hole in her heart. Medicaid is the reason she had access to the pediatrician, echocardiogram, and cardiologist, that diagnosed her. Medicaid is the reason she could be hospitalized, stabilized, medicated, and have life-saving open heart surgery at 6 months of age. Medicaid has literally saved the lives of 2 of my 3 children. She also has multiple life-threatening allergies and requires ongoing monitoring and medical care for her heart, and the CHIP program allows her to access those things.

    My husband and I are still uninsured, even though my husband works hard to provide for our family. We wish that it was not this way. We want to be insured. We live in a state that did not expand Medicaid and we were left in the gap between Medicaid and subsidies being sufficient to help us pay for insurance costs. We have not been penalized by the ACA for being uninsured, because we truly cannot afford it and the ACA makes allowances for that. The GOP plans make no such allowances and if either of us were to get sick and forced to get insurance (that we truly cannot afford), we would either be further penalized with increased costs (AHCA) or be barred from access (BCRA) altogether for 6 months. This will cost people their lives.
  8. Gina in Texas

    My father was a hardworking carpenter for many years. Sadly, in that trade benefits such as health insurance were not provided. Later in life, he developed heart problems which at the time, rendered him "uninsurable." As he continued to age, his heart problems became worse and required hospitalization and surgery that cost in excess of $100,000. He was uninsured. He only lived four more months and continued to incur huge medical expenses. He was unable to work, he was not eligible for Medicaid and was too young for Medicare eligibility. Had he lived, he would have been able to obtain insurance at a rate that he could have afforded. As it was, he died leaving my mother with a HUGE medical debt. This story is not only my family's, but many others throughout our country. The new healthcare plan proposed by the Senate committee would undo so many of the great things provided by the ACA. Passage of Trumpcare would devastate millions, as the CBO has indicated. We must find a way to move forward to create a bipartisan, viable solution for our country.
  9. Barry in Texas

    My first wellness checkup on January 10, 2014, my doctor said I needed to see a urologist and I was diagnosed with T-4 bladder cancer and was able to get the operation I needed to beat my cancer. I am two and one half years cancer free after chemo. The ACA gave me my first healthcare as an adult and saved me.

    I have barely been able to afford my healthcare though, and with the changes that are offered I would not be able to afford healthcare.

    My wish is that the US join the rest of the industrialized world and offer Medicare for all.
  10. Margaret in Texas

    My son has multiple health problems which forces him to have jobs limited by his wellness. He is just above the poverty line and has been enrolled on the ACA for 2 years with services that have treated his existing conditions.

    On April 24, 2017 he was stricken with compartment syndrome in his right leg and was rushed to surgery to open a 10 inch incision in his calf. He spent 10 days in the hospital treating the bulging infected muscle and trying to save his kidneys from toxins. He still has a 6 inch open wound which may need surgery to close after 10 weels.

    The original bills without ACA will be over $60,000. His salary last year was $15,600. Without ACA he was likely to lose his leg and have to live on dialysis. Without- ACA local health providers would have to suffer the costs. Without ACA he may have delayed treatment and lost his life.

    Do not repeal ACA and put Americans' lives in danger. Work with the Democrats to amend it. I will vote agsinst any legislators who vote to repeal.
  11. Elizabeth in Texas

    Loss of the protections gained by the ACA would result in severe financial difficulty for family members, a lower quality of life or even death.
  12. Betsy in Texas

    I am a retired Occupational Therapist who worked with children with disabilities in public schools in three states while my late husband served as an Army pediatrician and allergist. My two grandbabies are walking and talking on schedule, but both my daughter and daughter in law had complicated pregnancies, even though they were careful to follow every medical direction. 56 percent of babies born in Texas are born with Medicaid paying. Those mothers are working poor and Medicaid makes sure they do not die in childbirth and their babies do not have medical conditions due to a lack of oxygen or low thyroid or preeclampsia. If you cut Medicaid you will increase the number of children born with handicapping conditions.
  13. Kristin in Texas

    People don't realize this, but allowing states to define their own Essential Health Benefits means employers no longer have to cover prescriptions. My ability to work and function depends on an expensive maintenance drug for an autoimmune condition I was born with. It is far more cost-effective to the state if I have medication that allows me to work, as opposed to sentencing me to permanent disability. Please keep a nationwide definition of Essential Health Benefits, so that I'm not forced to move to a blue state just to work and pay taxes.
  14. Mike in Texas

    I and my wife are uninsurable without the ACA. I take life-saving medications
  15. Carlyn in Texas

    The ACA allowed me to get health insurance despite having a pre-existing condition (hip replacement) after my employer insurance was terminated
  16. Janice in Texas

    I am on the board of a Child Development Center. Teachers who are taking care of our youngest children are paid so little they can barely afford to pay rent.

    We have been trying to raise their pay, but also to provide them with healthcare for years. Because of the ACA we have been able for the first time to provide group healthcare for them.
  17. Julia in Texas

  18. Anita in Texas