1. Erin in Missouri

    My story is from Missouri but covers the states of Kansas, Texas and Nebraska. Ours is a story of a genetic mutation that none of us could fathom would bring incredible health challenges to our family. We are the lucky few that have jobs that provide us with insurance. My grandfather's sisters were the first, that we are aware of, to be diagnosed with breast cancer. My mother's cousins and her sister were next. Then my mother was diagnosed in her early 50's with breast and then 3 years later with Uterine. Then I came along at 32 with a diagnosis. Then came my sister in her early 50's and now as I type this note my 78 year old mother awaits another radiology appointment for a 3rd cancer, vaginal. This story is filled with heartbreak and much love. These are the things patients should have to worry about, not whether they can afford the care or be discriminated against because they carry a gene that is beyond their control. A public, civil, and thoughtful conversation must happen in this country on how we move forward with a healthcare plan that protects and enables its citizens to have healthcare with a heart!
  2. Leslie in Missouri

    I am a public school teacher and so have always been lucky enough to have health insurance for myself and for my children. It's expensive but worth it knowing that we all have coverage if some unexpected illness arises. Because of the ACA my children, ages 21 and 24, can remain under my coverage until they are 26. Because of the ACA my children were able to get genetics testing done, as their father is known to have 2 cancer gene mutations. Because of the ACA my children will be able to get the recommended annual screenings for those who have these gene mutations when they reach a certain age. Because of the ACA I can have annual mammograms as recommended since my mom had breast cancer.
  3. Shelly in Missouri

    I am an artist and landscape designer. I have stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. This cancer currently has no cure. I will be in treatment for the rest of my life (which I hope is longer than the 3-5 year median). I am on year 2. I am 40 years old. At the age of 36 I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. Can you say PRE-EXISTING CONDITION? I am married with a daughter who is 8 years old. If the ACA is repealed how will we stay in our house? How will we pay the exorbitant medical bills that are ongoing until I die? Currently each chemotherapy treatment I receive (every 3 weeks) is $42,000. I am thankful I have medical insurance under the ACA.
  4. Bryony in Missouri

    In April 2015 I was employed as a Social Worker (L.M.S.W.) laid off from a Case Management job at a local homeless Veteran Shelter. I took what work I could get quickly hoping to find full time work again in Social Work ASAP. Unfortunately, in December 2015 I had a severe back injury a herniated disk my L5 -S1. I was working as a courier without benefits. I had never experienced this kind of pain. I needed steroid shots, Physical Therapy, meds, but I was still unable to work full time. I required surgery on November 2016. Since I could not afford private insurance I signed up for the ACA when it first came out. Without the ACA I might have bankrupt, unable to pay my mortgage, homeless, & have to move back in with my parents at 40 years old!
  5. Chris in Missouri

    As a working artist, musician and teacher, most of my work is contract only, so the Affordable Care Act has made getting health care much easier with keeping my deductible and premiums at a reasonable price. To totally repeal will throw myself and a huge portion of this country into real hardship and basically return us all back to where we were before either scrounging around for a bad high deductible plan or not being insured. I feel that instead of repeal and replace they should improve.
  6. Cody in Missouri

    The ACA enabled me to receive treatment that I never would've gotten through traditional insurance. I have a serious pre-existing condition (ulcerative colitis) and now there's no way anybody will insure me.
  7. Iris in Missouri

    Even under the ACA, I've never been able to afford health insurance. I fell into the ever-widening coverage gap. My 6 year old daughter has never been off of Medicaid. In September of 2016, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I live with chronic illnesses, besides that. In order to obtain treatment, I must submit 10 different documents proving who I am and how much money I don't have – a task, in itself, too complex to manage without help. I don't have any help. After submitting all my proofs, the administration may still deny my cost-abatement payment plan. A payment plan (for a surgery that may fix my cancer) I cannot hope to pay, regardless. Who will insure me?
  8. Andrew in Missouri

    Stage IV cancer and had a lapse of coverage for a day that would have resulted in me not getting coverage without the ACA guarantee of not being denied with pre-existing coverage.
  9. Rachel in Missouri

    I haven't had insurance until ACA. I'm now 47. I hadn't been to a doctor in easily 20 years except in the case of emergency room visits. I'm lucky in that I'm healthy, but as I'm growing older I'm concerned about general health issues and having the ability to screen for or treat issues that will be coming up as a normal part of aging. I'm self employed and make enough to cover my bills and expenses with very little left over for luxuries. I'm my world healthcare and insurance has always been in a luxury category.
  10. Denny in Missouri

    My wife & I were able to get insurance via the ACA, but I'm primarily writing for my daughter, who would be devastated if you help to repeal it. My daughter goes to UMKC full-time pursuing a double major, works two or three jobs to help pay her own way, and absolutely could not afford insurance if it weren't for the ACA. I ask you to PLEASE think about how this ignorant repeal will affect REAL people's lives. Forget your partisanship, and try to put yourself in regular people's lives and reconsider your support of repealing the ACA. Your actions have consequences – please remember that, and do the right thing and stand up to those that just want it gone because President Obama enacted it.
  11. Paul in Missouri

    I was laid off in 2004. Hadn't had health insurance until 2015. That's ELEVEN YEARS uninsured! I hadn't been able to refill my blood pressure prescription for nearly 3 years. The ACA allowed that. It was nearly $350 per month LESS than an employer-subsidized plan. Without the ACA, I would not have been able to manage my condition.
  12. Sabrina in Missouri

    I have a genetic disorder. It is a pre-existing condition that would only have been prevented if I weren't born. It is degenerative and incurable. Who will insure me? Without the ACA, I can be denied coverage for the rest of my life. Inevitably, I will cost my follow people more in tax dollars without the ACA than with it. Either I need the ACA or I need affordable health-care. It is nonoptional.
  13. Angela in Missouri

    I am strongly opposed to the Republican’s attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act. My husband and I are both self-employed with small businesses in Missouri. We have two young boys, one of whom frequently has to be seen at our local children's hospital for medical issues. Without access to affordable health insurance we would not be able to get him the medical care that he needs. Before the ACA our privately acquired health insurance premiums were rising so high every year we were to the point of not being able to afford insurance for our family. The ACA is not perfect, but I strongly feel it needs time and adjustments to work. The ACA should NOT be repealed and replaced, which would be devastating to millions of Americans.
  14. Christina in Missouri

    If I went on the open market, BCBS quoted me a rate of $927 to insure myself, and $425 to insure my 22 year old daughter. As a self-employed person, I am able to obtain very similar, low deductible coverage for $153 a month for me, and a very nice policy for her in CO for $294. As a small business owner of a mental health center who is also a provider on all insurance panels, I would be unable to afford health insurance. Small business owners deserve to have comparable health coverage WITH the same benefit of excluding pre-existing conditions. My daughter was in a recent car accident at no fault of her own, facing a year of treatment and rehab. Where will this leave her, at such a young age, if pre-existing punishments return???