Life According to Sam

This documentary follows the personal story of Sam & his family, who have dedicated their lives to find a cure for Progeria, a deadly accelerated aging disease Sam was diagnosed with in 1998. Directed by Oscar-winning filmmakers Sean & Andrea Fine, the film is inspiring and full of hope. HBO

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  1. This is a TED talk by a friend of mine,...
  2. My philosophy for a happy life: Sam Berns at TEDxMidAtlantic 2013
  3. Meet the Kids in "Life According to Sam" MEET MEGAN Megan turned 13 in June 2013 – she’s officially a teenager! During filming she was 10 years old. She’s in the 7th grade and has many close school friends. She manages her sister Michael...a’s volleyball and basketball teams. And if that wasn’t enough, this year she is also managing the high school dance team!! Like many teenagers, she loves to say…LOL and YOLO (you only live once!). Her favorite songs are Stars and Big Green Tractor. She loves karaoke, playing in the school band and art. Her favorite pastime is running up and down the pastures with her 2 miniature horses. In May 2014, she will be standing up in her brother Josh's wedding and is very excited about that honor! Megan was the first child to take the lonafarnib drug in June 2007 – it was an historic moment! She is currently enrolled in the Triple Trial. Megan and her family want you to know that they have complete faith and trust in all of the researchers and doctors and of course PRF! More on Megan in this great article from The Portage Daily Register:  More
  4. Meet the Kids in "Life According to Sam" MEET DEVIN Devin, from Canada, (pictured with Dee Webb, his favorite Hamilton Tigercats player), is now 17 years old and in 12th grade. His favorite sport is football, he loves playing video games and hanging out with his friends. He started the Progeria Clinical drug trial when he was 11 going on 12, and almost didn't make it down to Boston for his first ...visit, as he was in the hospital. Thankfully the doctors let him leave the hospital the next morning, and 24 hours later he and his mom, Jamie were in Boston! Jamie, who is also seen in the film, spoke for most of the families when she says of Dr. Leslie Gordon, “…we kind of needed her.” Read more about children with Progeria on PRF’s Meet the Kids page:  More
  5. A message from our Executive Director, Audrey Gordon: PRF Supporters Meet, Exceed Kraft Challenge! We did it! When Leslie, Scott and I founded The Progeria Research Foundation 14 years ago, we knew we would need a lot of help. We called... on friends and family to help us get the research up and running, so we could find the cure for children with Progeria. But what's happened in the past two weeks has been astounding. When Robert Kraft stepped forward on October 8 and offered to match up to $500,000 in donations leading up to Sam's 17th birthday, we didn't know what to expect and I'll admit: we were a little nervous. But thousands of you stepped up to the plate and gave what you could. Longtime supporters and people new to our story. Hollywood celebrities and middle schoolers. Churches, clubs and small businesses. You all dug deep and rallied around this challenge with energy and enthusiasm that was contagious and uplifting. I am humbled to announce that between October 8 and midnight last night, we've raised $678,262 for Progeria research. With the Kraft Challenge match that's nearly $1.18 million. It means more children will be able to participate in our clinical trials, and more research can go into finding the cure. We have more work to do, and yes, more money to raise. It's going to take $3 million more to assure that every known child with Progeria can participate in our clinical trials. But today, we celebrate an entire community answering a call to action. So thank you, thank you, thank you!See More
  6. Meet the Kids in "Life According to Sam" MEET ZOEY! Zoey, introduced by Dr. Leslie Gordon in the film as 'the cutest thing you will EVER see' just turned 4! During filming she was about a year old. She goes to a preschool 3 mornings a week.... She likes it a lot, and has made lots of friends at school! Zoey loves to dance, draw, write, cut & paste, be silly, be with her best friends, and help her mom cook. For a couple of years, her favorite song was Moves Like Jagger, then Feel This Moment, and lately it’s Call Me Maybe. Zoey loves music, singing and dancing. She has 2 older brothers, Aidan who is 7 ½ years old, and Gavin who is almost 6. They behave like typical siblings – they play together a lot but sometimes argue for no real reason. In July 2013 Zoey began taking the 3 drugs as part of the Triple Trial Expansion. As you saw in the film, Zoey’s parents were anxious for her to enroll in the drug trial, and they’re thrilled that she is now participating! Her family leads PRF’s New Jersey Chapter, Team Zoey which is helping PRF to raise the funds needed to pay for Zoey and the other new children entering the trial. Follow Zoey on Facebook and Twitter ( too! Read about more children with Progeria here:  More
  7. 'Life According to Sam' at Boston Jewish Film Festival in Foxboro, November 11!
  8. Tonight! SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Utah Film Center today announced the winner of its annual Peek Award for Disability in Film, recognizing filmmakers Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine for their documentary 'Life According to Sam'. T...his year’s Peek Award event will focus on the family featured in the documentary—Drs. Scott Berns and Leslie Gordon, and their son Sam—as well as their work in discovering the progeria gene, the cause of the rare genetic disorder. The Peek Award annually honors an actor, filmmaker, or subject of a film who is positively impacting societal perceptions of individuals with disabilities. The Fines are Academy Award nominees and three-time Emmy Award winners, whose documentary was featured during the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. Following a screening of the film, the award will be presented by Academy Award-winning screenwriter Barry Morrow on November 6 at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center. See More
  9. Watch as friends Zdeno Chara and Sam Berns take time to catch up after the Bruins' game at TD Garden during Progeria Awareness Night. Watch Sam & Zee:
  10. BOSTON BRUINS TO HOST PROGERIA NIGHT! On Saturday, November 9, the Boston Bruins will be honoring Foxboro native Sam Berns at a special Progeria Night during their home game against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Progeria, an accelerated aging disease, affects one in every four to eight million newborns. Sam has a documentary titled “Life According to Sam” out on HBO about his experience with the dis...ease. Sam, who has a longstanding relationship with the Boston Bruins Organization and players, will be performing the ceremonial puck drop to start the game. Sam will also serve as an Assistant Equipment Manager for the team, he will help prep the Bruins bench for the game, assist the players with their equipment, and set up the player’s lockers. The Bruins coaches, management, as and staff will all be wearing Progeria Research Foundation pins and bracelets during the game. Watch the game Saturday at 7PM on NESN! More information:  More