User Experience Design within the Seven Phase Product LifeCycle

Tweeting report from AIPMM webinar Tuesday, April 17, 2012 (check back for link to replay & slides)


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  3. The Association of International Product Management & Marketing (AIPMM) has developed the Seven Phase Product Management Lifecycle; a new product management standard supported by a variety of vendors such as the 280 Group and Macadamian.

    Many product teams fit User Experience (UX) design into the Develop stage, but if you’re not involving UX research in the other 6 stages (Conceive, Plan, Qualify, Launch, Market and Retire), your product creation process may not be optimized.

    Join Brian Lawley, CEO, 280 Group and Macadamian’s Mary Piontkowski, Director, User Experience via webinar as they discuss the 7 critical stages every product management team goes through, and how UX Design is important to each.

  4. Therese Padilla is President of AIPMM
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