Gulfstream G150 VS G280

If I could afford it I would buy a Gulfstream business jet


  1. It’s time to get serious for a second! A few days ago I started my private jet blog and initially just played around posting some of the jet related things I found around the internet. Well I’ll be honest: I don’t have the money to afford a private jet at the moment but when I do I want to be prepared and besides that, private jets interest me. For the very first time in my blog I’ll be adding some content rich posts that you will actually find useful. Not that my previous posts weren’t entertaining, they just weren’t useful.

  2. *Update: This turned into more of an informational post that a comparison type of blog post. Either way you’ll find most of the information you need to make a purchase decision here. *
  3. Gulfstream 150, King Air 350, Cessna Caravan, Jetstream 32... Lovely birds! #balesinislandclub #crewlife✈ #c208b #G150 #jetstream32 #kingair350
    Gulfstream 150, King Air 350, Cessna Caravan, Jetstream 32... Lovely birds! #balesinislandclub #crewlife✈ #c208b #G150 #jetstream32 #kingair350

  4. Like the title says I’ll comparing the Gulfstream G150 to the G280. Don’t get me wrong, both these Gulfstream business jets are really good and really expensive but seeing as they are at the lower end of the Gulfstream range I wanted to find out what’s different between the two models. For this post I had to do a lot of research as I’m not nearly a Gulfstream expert as big as I’m a private jet fan. I started my search over at Gulfstream’s home page but all I found was a lot of technical facts and something that looked like a brochure to be exact. I wanted to get information from someone that actually know the G150 and G280, someone who’s flown in both aircraft and can give a solid review about these jets. This ended up being harder than I thought…

  5. I decided to start by adding videos from YouTube in order to give you a better sense of both these Gulfstream jets. The first video I’ve listed below is a review / showcase video of the Gulfstream G150. The videos might not provide you with all the information I’m after but it’s a really great looking video showing views of the G150 from different angles and the interior. It is however over 6 years old and might be a bit outdated, but good none the less.
  6. The second video is a video on the Gulfstream G280 and is exactly what I was looking for. It almost feels like I don’t have to review this aircraft but I’ll add some text below for those who don’t want to watch the full video as it is around the 3 minute mark. If not you’ll find all the information you need about the G280 in the video.
  7. Spotlight on the Gulfstream G280 Business Jet Cabin Interior – AINtv
  8. Gulfstream jets are overall designed to be fuel efficient and take off in short range runways so I’m not going to talk much about that. That fact is the same for both the G150 and G280. The Gulfstream G280 is designed to fit in the medium sized business private jet category and competes with likes of Bombardier’s Challenger, the Cessna Citation Sovereign and the Hawker 4000 (an airplane I’ve never heard about). Do yourself a favor and scroll to 00:40 in the video where the presenter starts to review the interior of the aircraft. The G280 has a huge interior and can seat up to 10 passengers! The G280 along with the G150 are mainly used for domestic flights and are very popular in the US but the G280 can also fly between continents, something I like very much. What’s also cool about the G280 is that it has an on board baggage area that you can actually access in-light and a lavatory with a bird’s eye view! To see the Gulfstream G280’s full specification scroll to 2:37 in the video where you can see the full list of the jet’s flying capabilities.

  9. As for the Gulfstream G150 I decided not to be so lazy and went back to YouTube to search for more review videos. As the aircraft is an older model than most Gulfstream business jets proper videos are limited but I found another video demonstrating the aircraft's interior in a great way. If your looking for information on specifications for the G150 visit this website here 
  10. I’m going to touch on pricing just briefly as I don’t have an exact answer. Whether your going to purchase a G150 or G280 second hand or brand new you’re going to have to pay anywhere from $2 million to $20 million. $20 million is what I’ve seen some of the newer second hand G280’s being listed at when it’s around one year old.

  11. As for which of the aircraft I would choose: in a perfect world where money is not an issue I would search for either an Gulfstream G280 for sale or Gulfstream G150 for sale online but would probably end up buying the G280 just to be able to fly to different countries. However Gulfstream is Gulfstream and from what I’ve heard none of their private jets will disappoint so in the end I would be grateful to simply own almost any model. See the Gulfstream G280 below...
  12. #be40 #g280 #beechjet #gulfstream
    #be40 #g280 #beechjet #gulfstream