#PrivChat Summary from April 5th, 2011 - Twitter Chat on #Privacy

Every week the Center for Democracy and Technology and Privacy Camp host a twitter chat on Privacy issues called #PrivChat.


  1. Every Tuesday Morning CDT puts out the agenda via Twitter with the questions we hope to discuss.
  2. This week's questions are here and below:

    Q1 What areas of the #PatriotAct need reform: NSLs, gag orders, sec
    215, lone wolf, roving wiretaps, material support..? #privchat

    Q2 (via @WarrenEHart) In light of the #Epsilon breach, what specific steps should companies take to guard against data breaches?

    Q3 What outcome would you like to see from the fed. investigation of mobile apps for #privacy violations? on.wsj.com/hD9Xbo

    Q4 Do you think Google, Facebook, et al, are right to challenge France's one year data retention requirement? bit.ly/gslmOT
  3. PrivChat Introductions.  Each week we introduce ourselves to the twitter crowd.  Here are some of the people that attended this week.
  4. Question One