#PrivChat #Privacy Summary for October 11th, 2011

Every week we host a Privacy Chat on Twitter on Tuesday Noon ET. The main moderator is the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) found on twitter @EPICPrivacy. Regards, Shaun Dakin (founder) - @PrivacyCamp and Amie Stepanovich - @EPICPrivacyMore here > https://epic.org/privchat/


  1. Topics come from the Twitter Community.   Every week we ask anyone    who can access twitter to propose topics for discussion.  Feel free to  join us and discuss what you care about.

  2. Then we post the topics about an hour before the chat starts
  3. We have some rules :)
  4. Topics come from a lot of people !
  5. Introductions > Every week we ask people to introduce themselves to the group.

    Here are some of the folks that joined us this week.
  6. Question One