#PrivChat 4.9 with @Evidon and @Ghostery ahead of the @WSJ Data #Privacy Event #WSJData

We are pleased to have the Evidon and Ghostery team back on #PrivChat ! This week we are using the event to prep ahead of the Wall Street Journal Data Transparency event in NYC and NYU this coming weekend.


  1. Announcements (every week people can send announcements prior to the start of the event)
  2. Today's guests are:

    @amkahl (Andy K)  and 

    @micshasan (Colin O'Malley)

     from @evidon

  3. Topics are:

    Full details here.

    Q1: EU ePrivacy Directive: Is the May 25th deadline going to be Y2K for EU publishers?

    Q2: Wall Street Journal Data Transparency Weekend: What are some transparency tools you'd like to see come out of it? (background available at Wall Street Journal: Data Transparency Weekend and Hacker League: WSJ Data Transparency Code-a-Thon)

    Q3: As a privacy/industry professional, how do you define tracking? (background available at South by Southwest: Sex, Lies and Cookies: Web Privacy EXPOSED!)

    Q4: Will we see a consumer privacy law? If so, what will it look like? (background available at PCWorld: Could New Online Privacy Laws Lead to Unnecessary Regulation?)
  4. Introductions: