#PrivChat 12.20 Summary with @BerinSzoka on #Privacy

Where YOU set the agenda. Every week we host a Privacy Chat on Twitter on Tuesday Noon ET. The main moderator is the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) found on twitter @EPICPrivacy. Regards, Shaun Dakin (founder) - @PrivacyCamp and Amie Stepanovich - @EPICPrivacy

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  1. Special Guest this week is the President of Tech Freedom Berin Szoka
  2. For those of you who don't know Berin, he is passionate about Tech Freedom !  We are very pleased he was able to participate today. 

    Thanks Berin !
  3. NOTE:  Berin provided a great deal of resources (links) during this chat.  Those links and tweets are at the top of the discussion after each question.
  4. Topics for today from Berin >

    Q1: Is Privacy a Fundamental Right, a Property Right or Something Else?

    Q2: How Can Privacy Conflict with Free Speech?

    Q3: What Other Trade-offs Follow from Privacy Regulation?

    Q4: So How Should Government Protect Privacy?
  5.  Special Thanks to Amie Stepanovich my co-host for PrivChat ! 
  6. We do introductions and announcements at the top of the chat.
  7. Berin gives what I believe to be the best tweeted bio ever !