#PrivChat - 01/03/2012 Summary New Year Kick Off #Privacy

Welcome to 2012 ! Where YOU set the agenda. Every week we host a Privacy Chat on Twitter on Tuesday Noon ET. The main moderator is the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) found on twitter @EPICPrivacy. Regards, Shaun Dakin (founder) - @PrivacyCamp and Amie Stepanovich - @EPICPrivacy


  1. Welcome to 2012 and the Second year of Privacy Chat ! 
  2. Topics for today's chat are (details at the EPIC PrivChat homepage here)

    Q1: How Would You Sum up 2011? (background available at Privacy Camp: Final Wrap Up of the Top #Privacy Stories of 2011)

    Q2: Sharing with Friends or Personal Endoresment? The "Like" Divide (background available at Forbes: Judge "Likes" Plaintiffs' Arguments, Online Privacy Class Action Proceeds)

    Q3: Subpoenas and Social Media: Proper Protocol and Procedures? (background available at PogoWasRight: Occupy blogger fighting subpoena - but is Twitter?)

    Q4: What Are Your Privacy Predictions for 2012? (background available at Gawker: How Your Privacy Will Be Invaded in 2012)
  3. Announcements occur just prior to the start time at Noon ET.
  4. Introductions

    Every Privacy Chat we have the community of old and new friends introduce themselves.