Marlo D. David

Literature Professor. Black Cultural Studies Scholar. Feminism(s). Mothering While Black. Vintage/Thrift Everything.

Robin Leigh Opsahl

Northwestern 2018 - @medillschool Politics, Chicago Activism, Folk Punk

A Japanese new middle-class, zigzag bisexual, rape-surviving camp butch with an identity mess and a feminist mother

Ford McConnehey

Commie dreams from the conservative hotbed. Instagram @stanfordb_ford

the jellybean

I would get up, but I have a cat in my lap (possibly two). Freelance Spanish Translator, Tutor and Teacher. Office monkey.

My persuasion can build a nation.

Linc is Thinking

Researcher, Justice worker. Trying to find new ways to change the world.


Postdoc researcher (Gangs, Sex work and Politics in East Africa).

Kuba Shand Baptiste

I write things sometimes. Both in the form of tweets and blog posts..

Inverse Incubus

Author of things Technical & Fanciful. Dark Lord of Typos, Blessed by Whiskey, Prophet of Caffeine. First of His Name. Will read or write for booze.

Cesar Rodriguez

I'm selling thought for food.


Activist. Teacher. Knitter. Mrs. Daughter. Sister.

Kelly Nielsen

i am a very civil doctoral candidate in sociology at UCSD.

Eric Warwick

I am an unabashed leftist*, Autistic, Bisexual, Agender Jew. (The name's from #StopAbleism2015 #StopSB5269

Cassie Owens

freelance writer.