Bruce Simon

Hawthornist; Fredonia English Chairperson; shared governance wonk; academic union goon; sf/fantasy/comics/anime lover; golf otaku; point guard; family guy

Dan Berger

Scholar, organizer, abolitionist, tea-drinker. Author/ editor of 5 books, including Captive Nation: Black Prison Organizing in the Civil Rights Era (UNC Press).


Contrarian cerebrate

Joseph Lewis

I am a labor activist in Naples, FL.

Iván Ette-Niache

If you like this account, also check out my tweets at


St. DymphnⒶ



QuollAdmirerBugCatchrSeaHareRescuerFrogRooFeeder VEHEMENTLY opposed to Australia's LNP travesty of a govt (that's my grandad & g grandma behind the fence) INFJ


Through the lens of of a nerdy single queer Christian. I am also an intersectional feminist, cancer survivor (aka Pelvic Princess) and book lover.

Loba Femme

fat queer gimp mixed-blood mama, grandmama, and librarian with an attitude & a commitment to lifelong learning & doing the ever-ongoing work however I'm able

Women For Bernie

Let's Organize for Bernie! #FeelTheBern #Women4Bernie #BernieSanders #Bernie2016

Atena Educator

I'm suddenly sure that I can rise into the air; I ascend and fly. There is nothing I can't do in this moment. Early Ed. Rad world. Humanity. Silliness.

MC Clap Yo Handz

NYU & Columbia alum. Anti selfie sticks. I have strong opinions. A Kinda-Sorta Adult.

Joslyn Ford Keel