Iván Ette-Niache

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St. DymphnⒶ



QuollAdmirerBugCatchrSeaHareRescuerFrogRooFeeder VEHEMENTLY opposed to Australia's LNP travesty of a govt (that's my grandad & g grandma behind the fence) INFJ


Through the lens of of a nerdy single queer Christian. I am also an intersectional feminist, cancer survivor (aka Pelvic Princess) and book lover.

Loba Femme

fat queer gimp mixed-blood mama, grandmama, and librarian with an attitude & a commitment to lifelong learning & doing the ever-ongoing work however I'm able

Women For Bernie

Let's Organize for Bernie! #FeelTheBern #Women4Bernie #BernieSanders #Bernie2016

Atena Educator

I'm suddenly sure that I can rise into the air; I ascend and fly. There is nothing I can't do in this moment. Early Ed. Rad world. Humanity. Silliness.

MC Clap Yo Handz

NYU & Columbia alum. Anti selfie sticks. I have strong opinions. A Kinda-Sorta Adult.

Joslyn Ford Keel


The Fake Santa Claus

Erotic heart, techno soul, powered by art, ramen, sandwiches and the tantalizing beauty of woman. Prince fan from jump street.

Lecturer at San Jose State Univ & Stanford Univ - and always learning

Daily slayage served haute. https://t.co/o2odVdGxgX https://t.co/k7XVZQ9ol0 https://t.co/d8E2eZo7yf https://t.co/t922tERjJZ

The NW Network

The NW Network of Bisexual, Trans, Lesbian and Gay Survivors of Abuse work to end violence and abuse by building loving and equitable relationships.