Coffee Time @ The Brothers K

For my mobile reporting assignment, I decided to live blog my riveting journey to be first in line on a Monday morning at the Brother’s K Coffeehouse in Evanston, a place I visit with my dad almost every morning before school. Join in on the (caffeinated) action!!


  1. Must admit...was not too excited to wake up at the crack of dawn. 
  2. Here's a video I made of myself driving to the Brother's K. All I can say is...THANK GOD I avoided a crash! Filming and driving--I would not recommend it. I decided to film the drive so I could try out Flixlab, a mobile app I downloaded for this assignment. Turns out it is really cool--unlike most mobile video apps, it actually allows you to edit very quickly on your phone (add video, pictures, music, etc.) and post right to YouTube. I would definitely recommend this tool for any reporter who needs to get information out quickly. 
  3. Once I got to the Brother's K, I checked in using FourSquare a posted a picture to my FourSquare profile. 
  4. Why bother looking at the menu? I always get the same thing: decaf black coffee or a decaf latte–but only if I am feeling very rich. 

  5. This is what the coffee bar looks like prior to the morning rush–an hour from now, it won’t be so organized. 
  6. My lovely latte! I think the barista attempted to make a heart for me in the coffee–oh well, it’s the thought that counts!
  7. Sadly I was not the first person in line this morning…
  8. While finishing my drink, I noticed this sign–an advertisement for a krafting night (yes, with a “k”) at the coffeehouse. My two favorite things–crafts and coffee! I’ll definitely be there. 
  9. As a side note, the Brothers K coffeehouse has a really great website that transfers easily to a mobile device. Here’s a screenshot: