Ball Sports

There are many different sports in the world today. Below are just four that have been chosen.

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  1. Today you will learn more about the sports including what type of balls are used in each sport, and the fields or courts they are played on. See if there are any similarities between the sports or learn what makes each sport unique. After you have gathered some information, try answering the questions at the bottom.

  2. Sport number 1: Soccer/Football
  3. Sport Number 2: Basketball
  4. Sport number 3: Tennis
  5. Sport number 4: Golf
  6. Here are some questions to see how much you have learnt about these sports.
  7. - How many points do you get if a goal is scored in soccer?
  8. - Can you kick the ball in a game of basketball?
  9. - What do all the sports have in common?