Our First StoriesLab

Our first-ever StoriesLab conference went off without a hitch last weekend. Check out the Storify recap of this awesome event!

  1. A group of creatives trekked over to American University on May 4th for our inaugural StoriesLab conference, presented by StoriesLead, an initiative of Pride Collaborative, in conjunction with the Center for Social Media
  2. Four dynamic speakers lined up to present on their awesome projects and followed-up with interactive sessions to engage attendees. 
  3. Looking forward to a day full of storytelling for social change #ilovestories #storieslab
  4. An incredible patchwork of skills, talents and experiences at the #StoriesLab workshop.
  5. After introductions all around, first up to the plate was Dan Sonnett, Writer, Producer, & Owner of Sonnett Media Group, LLC. He kicked off the morning with an intriguing lecture about the evolution of story through the ages. 
  6. Early #storytelling was life-threatening, as cave bears dwelled near the canvas. #storiesLab
  7. Great perspective. #storytelling takes courage. Caveman faced bears, activists face persecution, we all risk judgment. #storieslab
  8. Performances in early motion pic were silent, powerful, and did not depend on words. No language barrier. @dansonnett #StoriesLab
  9. Story borrows from what we trust to create greater truth. Blend of fact & fic is more powerful but more dangerous. @dansonnett #StoriesLab
  10. #storieslab @dansonnett Shift in communication over time from "I am here" (cave painting) to "I am aware" (drama) to "I am involved" (print)
  11. Despite today's 24hr news cycle/ability to spoil, audiences still love to be surprised and engaged. #StoriesLab 
  12. Evolution of storytelling: I am here. I am human. I am aware. I am involved. I am curious. I am connected. @dansonnett #storieslab
  13. "Storytelling rooted in character" who is the character your audience will connect, engage with? #storieslab
  14. Great presentation on history of storytelling. Can't wait to find what the 21st century will add to the pile. Brain chips? :) #storieslab
  15. Next in line was James Carter. An Experience Designer Playwright and Transmedia Producer, he gave a lively presentation focusing on his transmedia pet-project, NY_Hearts. He then challenged the group to collectively brainstorm a transmedia project of their own. 
  16. @NY_Hearts Learning about your Lower East Side project at #storieslab. Great idea, great execution!
  17. .@jdcarter used Movable Feast to build location-based experience for @NY_Hearts (text/audio/video). Other OS-agnostic options? #StoriesLab 
  18. Transmedia stories have to deliver the right medium, timing & serving size. Love hearing @jdcarter's expertise here #storieslab
  19. Ahhh!.. Holistic storytelling with @jdcarter. Cohesive connections btw platforms. #StoriesLab
  20. Holistic storytelling. Novel idea, make sure storytelling is meaningful in its platform. Don't trumpet. Engage. @jdcarter #storieslab
  21. #Transmedia storytelling truth: Each platform offers distinctive voice. Post new and unique content to each platform @jdcarter #StoriesLab
  22. .@NY_Hearts - from storywalks to web series to live immersive theater, each w/common pool of characters & diff. advantages #StoriesLab 
  23. #Transmedia storytelling should be holistic storytelling. Rule 1: “What story are you telling?” @jdcarter #StoriesLab
  24. #Transmedia storytelling truth 2: You don’t need to have a budget, just a really good story. @jdcarter #StoriesLab
  25. Mike Knowlton and Aida Abiodun followed with a brief discussion about the concept behind their organization, StoryCode and answered the question "what exactly is a story hackathon?"
  26. Love the idea of storyhacks; where improv/24HrPlays meets transmedia meet rapid prototyping #StoriesLab
  27. Live performance is in fact a medium that should be used in #transmedia #storytelling. And great way to monetize. @storycodeorg #StoriesLab
  28. "If you are not rapidly prototyping, you're not learning as fast as you can." @ainaabiodun #storieslab
  29. They then challenged participants to a mini story hackathon where folks were split up into seven groups and given a topic and only thirty minutes to conceptualize an entire storytelling experience including a plan for how interactive technologies would be incorporated into their idea. 
  30. #Storyhack at #StoriesLab was fun! We broke story in 10 mins, figured out platforms for storytelling, then engagement/$ options #storieslab
  31. Each group group presented their idea to the assembly and three judges crowned a winner with a 'first in line for lunch' prize. The winners? Dog Park Passion!
  32. NYC bound, still following the #StoriesLab thread... I want to know who won the story hackathon!!!
  33. @jesssolomon dog park passion took home the gold and leap of love was one of the honorable mentions! #StoriesLab
  34. Dog park stories are good luck. Was part of a team that just won a #storyhackathon. Won a 2012 #webbys for a dog park web series #storieslab
  35. after mini story hack w/ @storycodeorg, I see compressed creative time makes you trust a good story can grow into meaning #StoriesLab
  36. I had fun creating w/u MT @bJoySpaces: compressed creative time makes you trust a good story can grow #StoriesLab
  37. @bld177 I had fun too! I think it's so magical how we found, or rather stumbled, into a deeper meaning during our story hack #StoriesLab
  38. Kudos to the #storyhack teams. You all came up with some great interactive love stories. #StoriesLab
  39. After lunch, bringing up the rear was Jessica Clark, Media Strategist for the Association of Independents in Radio (AIR) who led a workshop on measuring the impact of cross media projects. First, she discussed AIR's new Localore project initiative then opened the floor for several attendees to brainstorm and gauge their project ideas within her impact model. 
  40. Welcome Jessica Clark @AIRmedia to discuss measuring project impact. #StoriesLab
  41. What is impact? Start with what do you want it to be? - Jessica Clark from @AIRmedia #storieslab
  42. The more storytelling platforms you use, the harder to measure the impact. Jessica Clark of @AIRmedia tells us how at #StoriesLab
  43. .@AIRmedia Great metaphor! gesture of arms swaying = heartbeat = moving. Heartbeat can also be measured = BPM = analytics #StoriesLab
  44. How to measuring social interactions by @AIRmedia. I'd call this the biggest issue of deeply interactive experiences. #StoriesLab
  45. Creators need to define their desired impact. Set goals, make a plan. Make a difference! @AIRmedia #storieslab
  46. "2 evaluate U must know how you'll engage, prototype & iterate w your audience." Yes-at the start! @air media #StoriesLab
  47. Great visual map of storytelling via Jessica Clark @AIRMedia Biggest question: So WHAT? #StoriesLab pic.twitter.com/QZJ5Oe9yTn
    Great visual map of storytelling via Jessica Clark @AIRmedia Biggest question: So WHAT? #StoriesLab pic.twitter.com/QZJ5Oe9yTn9yTn
  48. The day was chock-full of creative minds making connections with one another and attendees were eager to keep the conversation going.
  49. @PrideCollab #StoriesLab is story alchemy. Bravo @feliciapride! Can't wait to include transmedia in my design principles for live events.
  50. Anyone at #StoriesLab looking to learn more, I suggested "A Creator's Guide to Transmedia Storytelling" by @andrhia.  http://ow.ly/1VRD1R 
  51. Thank you @PrideCollab @Ctr4SocialMedia for hosting great #transmedia storytelling workshop! Ready to use what I've learned. #storieslab
  52. Great program #StoriesLab! Terrific speakers @dansonnett @jdcarter @storycodeorg and @AIRmedia . Now I see storytelling thru a new lens.
  53. .@carrollcaitlin @StoryLead Yay! Fun at a conference. Who'd of think it.?#storieslab Now, more fun with a hackathon from @storycodeorg
  54. .@StoriesLead Mailing list for events, resources & opportunities about stories that rock!  http://www.pridecollaborative.com/storieslead/ /sStoriesLab/ #StoriesLab
  55. We're still reeling from #StoriesLab! Thanks again to all attendees, partners, and speakers.
  56.  Stay tuned for more opportunities for creatives to get together and talk shop with StoriesLead.