Easy Makeup Tips And Ideas - Makeup Tricks For Eyes And Lips


  1. First you need a horror kit which should include alcohol base face makeup. All items can be found at your local craft store if you do not already have them at home. Halloween costume makeup can be fun and easy to use.

    It can be hard to tell what colors look good on your eyes so you may find that some experimenting is important. However you can use a few basic guidelines in order to weed out highly unsuitable color choices. In the past, Asian eye makeup ideas recommended matching your makeup color to your eye color but the current thought is to contrast your eye color and your makeup color in order to make your eyes really show up. With brown or hazel eyes you may want to look at colors such as blues, purples or pinks. Some browns can also look nice but purple will really make brown eyes pop.

    Step two- To apply the eye shadow you can either go with one color on the entire eyelid and underneath each eye, or go with a tri-color look using one dark, one medium, and one light color eye shadow.

    Trish McEvoy Eyebase Essentials not only preps the lids to keep makeup in plcae, it also instantly brightens the eye area for a wide-awake bright-eyed perk me up. It comes in different shades and can be worn alone or under how to do your eye makeup.

    This is your special night out, so allow time and patience to complete the application. Give yourself time to play with the application to get the perfect look that will set you apart from all the other girls. It is time to get the products together and get ready to show everyone what you have got.go for it!

    Witch: For Halloween witch makeup ideas you will want to find a matte makeup that is cream based and green tinted. You will want to create some fake warts. You will want to use some black makeup to highlight areas and make your cheeks look sunken in, etc. Raisins attached to the face with gum spirit, and covered with makeup will look just like a wart. You can add hair to the wart by cutting out hairbrush bristles, and use super glue to attach them to the raisin.

    I plopped the tube of mascara into my case of makeup gone wrong, and left it there for a few days. I went back to this case days later just to give the mascara one more go. I figured perhaps I had applied too much, and should have left it alone with just one coat. However when I went to open the tube I noticed that their were clumps of black goop holding the twist top on pretty well, so I scraped it away and pulled out the brush. However as I pulled it out, I realized that the mascara was no longer in a liquid state, it was more like clay. There was no way in hell I could apply clay to my eyes.

    You might use a couple of mirrors to study your face and decide how you are going to use the makeup. Halloween is also about creativity. Studying your face from different angles in mirrors will help you decide what will suit best on your face.