Why You Need Food4Patriots

Food4Patriots is survival food that has a 30-year shelf life.


  1. When emergency situations occur, there are rarely advance warnings. An emergency may be as minor as a power failure, or a genuine disaster when you are trapped in your car or your home. This is why it is wise to be prepared. In addition to other supplies you may need in an emergency, you should have Food4Patriots.

    What Is Food4Patriots?

    The foods in Food4Patriots are packaged in sanitary, easy to store, packets. They are specially prepared to last for years. The meals do not contain genetically modified foods, and they do not contain harmful chemicals.

    You can keep your meals in the plastic storage bins. You can stack multiple bins anywhere in your home, and have a storage bin filled with food in your car.

    You will have American-made foods with only the highest quality ingredients. The low heat dehydration method and the special Mylar packaging will keep your food fresh and safe for up to 25 years.

    Why Food4Patriots Is The Best Option

    Many people think they can survive a disaster if they stockpile products from their local grocery stores. This approach is a mistake. Canned goods, and dry goods in plastic bags or boxes, are not designed for long-term storage. If an emergency situation occurs, you may find the products are past the expiration dates, and are filled with bacteria.

    When you want the best food during an emergency, you should also avoid other companies that offer MRE products. The meals are likely to contain chemicals that you do not want to feed your family. Other companies also offer foods your family members do not like, and will not want to eat.

    Food4Patriots has all of these issues covered. You can have a delicious variety of nutritious foods. They are healthy foods without chemicals, and will be in excellent condition when an emergency strikes.

    Power failures can be more than inconvenient. The food you have can spoil from lack of refrigeration, and you will not be able to use your stove or microwave. Other emergencies can be much more serious. Disasters can occur at any time.

    Prepare yourself and your family with Food4Patriots. While there can be numerous problems to deal with during an emergency situation, you can be confident that you have fresh, healthy food. As we never know what might happen tomorrow, preparing in advance is the sensible, responsible choice. With Food4Patriots, your family can be well-fed and healthy.