Three Steps For Choosing A Pregnancy and Delivery Doctor

Women who want to find a local obgyn for their pregnancy and delivery can speak with other women who live in the area and ask for a reference.


  1. When a woman discovers that she's pregnant, she must visit an obstetrician as soon as possible. Many women don't realize the importance of finding a good obstetrician and they may have regrets about it later. Read the information below to learn how expectant moms can choose the best obstetrician for their pregnancy and delivery.

    Talk To Friends and Family Members

    Women who want to find a local obgyn for their pregnancy and delivery can speak with other women who live in the area and ask for a reference. Most women are happy to share the name of the doctor they had during their pregnancy and delivery. Listening to others talk about their experiences can often help women choose a doctor to care for them during this important time in their life.

    After getting a reference for obstetricians, expectant mothers should make the final decision themselves only after scheduling a consultation with each doctor. Although references can help, it's always better to speak directly to a doctor than to rely on another person's word.

    Consult With Multiple Doctors

    Women who schedule a consultation with more than one obstetrician have a choice when deciding who they want for a doctor during their pregnancy. During each consultation, women can find out a lot of information about each pregnancy doctor just by speaking with them. Women should feel comfortable talking with the obstetrician they choose and they should be able to ask him or her any questions they have about their pregnancy without feeling embarrassed.

    Good obstetricians answer the questions of all their patients in a thorough manner, using terms they can understand. Women who are pregnant should be able to speak to their obstetrician whenever they have a concern.

    Ask Important Questions

    Before consulting with an obstetrician, write down a list of questions to ask the doctor. This may include the name of the hospital where the obstetrician will deliver the baby, the type of insurance coverage that's accepted and the obstetrician's qualifications.

    If the doctor practices at a facility with several other obstetricians, there may be a chance that one of the doctor's colleagues will deliver the baby. This is very common if the doctor is out of town or unavailable when it's time to deliver the baby. When this isn't acceptable, some women choose to go to obstetricians who have a practice by themselves.

    Women who are expecting a child can follow the steps above to find a Jacksonville obstetrician who they feel comfortable with during their pregnancy and delivery.