#SignalPG Event Content, Key Quotes

It's impossible to accurately incapsulate the entire day of content, but here's an initial attempt via Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


  1. For context, here's an overview, preview of the event from Cincinnati Enquirer.
  2. The event, sponsored by P&G and produced by Federated Media, is designed to bring P&G and others together to discuss brands in a digital world. Marc Pritchard, P&G's Chief Marketer, was quick to set the tone of the event.
  3. Opening remarks from @johnbattelle at #signalpg
    Opening remarks from @johnbattelle at #signalpg
  4. John Battelle's interviews with several of the speakers have been most insightful. He's not afraid to ask tough questions.
  5. And it was great to see that P&G promoted a tweet around their own event. 
  6. P&G CEO Bob MacDonald discussed the economy and the impact of digital with Battelle.
  7. From Bob McDonald, we transitioned to CNET's Brian Cooley. His presentation was information packed. He discussed life in a post-pc era and how people are dealing with media, communications and social in marketing. He dove into great detail around the need for successful products today needing an ecosystem.
  8. Signal P&G: A Backstage conversation with Brian Cooley - Editor, CNET
  9. More comments that Cooley made that were reinforced throughout the day.