Twitter Scavenger Hunt

A UF Social Media Management assignment encompassing UF and Gainesville's heart and soul - Patrick Pinak


  1. Here are my tweets from the assignment - you might learn something new about UF or Gainesville:
  2. 1. School Spirit: This musically talented UF student embodied what it means to be a Gator.
  3. 2. Favorite Food/Drinks Place: I decided that this hip popsicle joint is my favorite food place in Gainesville.
  4. 3. Student on the street VIDEO: This UF student tells us what he's most excited for this semester and where he'll be going.
  5. 4. Winter Fun: These baseball players show how they have fun when Gainesville's weather turns chilly.
  6. 5. Scenic Spot: Simply put, the best view in Gainesville.
  7. 6. Fanatic Fan: This UF student explains why she's excited for UF softball this year.
  8. 7. Extracurricular Extravaganza: UF Club Baseball is just one of the many club sports the University of Florida has to offer.
  9. 8. Freestyle - Gainesville's best unknown spot: Newnans Lake, which is great for fishing, boating and relaxing.
  10. To let my followers know what class these tweets were for:
  11. My favorite tweets from my fellow classmates:
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