Met Police LGBT team - sending me malicious communications!

Metropolitan Police LGBT Network behind online hate and threats. So called anti-haters doing all the hating.


  1. These are screen shots taken and assemble over a period - presented in approximate order.
  2. These guys cited a tweet - no context, no contact, no charge - just an attack. (No, this isn't the 'malicious' one... that's later...)
  3. I only saw it when it was drawn to my attention by @camm_rose

  4. I wanted more info about who they actually were. (This is a later screen shot of their side, I had updated my screen name after these events).

  5. I was not happy with the response I was getting and said as much.
  6. They responded with a very intimidating threat - citing my current work, and naming a member of my family
  7. I am not secret online - I have had family photos online for over 20 years - my secrecy/privacy is long gone, and from a random tweeter/troll it might not mean much - but this is what purports to be an official Metropolitan Police account.
  8. Others saw and were as surprised as I was.
  9. I reported the account to the Metropolitan Police Professional Standards.
  10. I had made a number of tweets trying to contact the @MetLGBTNetwork account including Freedom of Information requests, but had no response.
  11. I found they had blocked me - and the threatening tweet had been deleted, so they were fully aware of what had happened, were taking some kind of action, but entirely failing to contact me - so maybe just a cover up.
  12. Sat 13th With no information on any action being taken - I made a criminal complaint to my local force about malicious communication.
  13. I got a response from Sussex Police - Not one I am happy with - because a copper did it, other forces won't touch him... so it will be 'internal' until IPCC get involved.
  14. I got an initial reply from the Metropolitan Police Professional Standards unit after almost a week - which rather disappointingly asked for a screen shot of the tweet. Suggesting they haven't even asked the @MetLGBTNetwork for a copy (or were hoping I had not got one, so they could claim it never happened). I sent them one, and a link to this storify story (Hi Ms Brownrigg).