Things your language should steal from Perl


  1. I was hacking away on a Rails app, trying to speed up page load, and then...
  2. Oooh, burn.
  3. Yes, yes it is.
  4. This prompted a discussion of the awesome CPAN Testers distributed build/test system:
  5. Every time you install a Perl library, the installer runs the tests for that library and any dependencies that also get installed. Yes, this can take a long time, but you know immediately if it won't work on your machine - recall that perl has been ported to over 100 platforms! (see )
  6. In particular, the versions and platforms used by people who are interested in using your library!
  7. @ciphergoth was interested in what the Rust ecosystem could learn from the Perl/CPAN ecosystem:
  8. The non-hipster module names are a surprisingly big deal. Ruby modules have names like "capybara" and "poltergeist": Perl modules have names like "WWW::Mechanize" and "WWW::Mechanize::PhantomJS". Guess which is easier to (a) find, (b) remember, (c) guess the purpose of?