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Exposé leaks out years later

In a development that makes U.S. elections seem totally rational, the CBC discovered an old video in its archives of a man who used to be a home repairman and now is a candidate for political office, peeing in a cup, then dumping it in the sink he was fixing.


  1. In 2012, the CBC was working undercover to test the honesty of a repairmen for "Marketplace," a show dedicated to exposing workplace wrongdoings. On Sunday, years after the video was captured, the CBC said it got a call saying that the service technician caught on tape is Conservative candidate Jerry Bance. Per the CBC: "The original "Marketplace" show only named Bance as "Jerry" — it did not mention that he had been a Conservative candidate in two previous elections in 2006 and 2008."

    Now, 24 hours later, Bance dropped out of the race and #peegate is trending.
    The tweets have been priceless.