Five Ways People Harm Their Backs 

This is a problem for the same reason as sitting too long, poor posture.


  1. Back pain is one of the leading causes of missed time at work and a frequent reason for trips to the emergency room. Many Americans will suffer from chronic pain that prevents them from living the life they want. There are many ways for people to damage their backs. Here is a list of just five ways anyone can cause their back to begin to ache.

    #1. Sitting too much.

    It is not really the sitting that is too blame, but how people sit. Many will sit in their vehicles, at their desks and in front of the TV the same way, with slumped shoulders and a rounded back. This position keeps the lower back flexed for too long and is an almost immediate source of pain.

    #2. Standing in one spot.

    This is a problem for the same reason as sitting too long, poor posture. When people stand in one spot, typically for work, they often begin to slump as the day goes on leading to a strained back and sore muscles.

    #3. Lifting items incorrectly.

    “Lift with your legs, not your back.” Everyone has heard it, but unfortunately too many people forget this tip and bend at the waist instead. This strains the muscles, forcing the back to support the full amount of the weight being lifted. The thigh muscles are designed to do this with less effort and less risk.

    #4. Gaining too much weight.

    No matter whether you call it the middle-aged spread, the spare tire or the muffin top, those few extra pounds around the middle are not doing anyone any favors. The weight can strain the back and the loss of muscle tone accompanying the gain will make the back more prone to injury.

    #5. Poor health choices.

    Fatty foods clog arteries and salty foods raise blood pressure, both of these reduce circulation and weaken the tissue and muscles all over the body. Many make it worse by smoking which causes blood pressure and cardiovascular health to decline rapidly.

    There are dozens of other problems and health issues that can cause any back to suffer from stiffness and spasms. You can work on eliminating the causes, but this will be much easier to do when you are not dealing with the pain. Check out the posture brace by YorBack. It can help to remove pressure from the back muscles and begin relieving the discomfort immediately.